Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cruising, Carnival Valor Western Caribbean


It is cruise day and I arrive home from work just in time to get a hair cut, mail a letter and stop by the bank before heading to the Port Of Miami.


Premier Parking LotI have pre-arranged parking less than two miles away. For a total of $64 (7 days) my parking is covered.

This is much better than the $20 per day plus tax at the port.



Arriving at Premier ( we unload our luggage and then are given some brief instructions.



Premier Parking With a sticky and bright yellow smiley face, in less than twenty minutes we are on our way.

It’s a short ride to our cruise ship, the Carnival Valor.




About 1pm our ten bags in various shapes and sizes are unloaded at the cruise ship terminal. The porter is very helpful and assures us that they will make it to our cabin.



Security Line Looking at the boarding line in front of us I think our bags will make it there long before we do.





Although having “Pre-Registered” online, the boarding process still seems painfully and frustratingly

I keep getting reminded to be patient but I refuse. There's a buffet nearby that’s been waiting months for me!

After two sets of picture taking and letting two wheelchairs with twenty or so able body family members in tow cut in line, an hour and a half later we step on board the Valor.




On Vacation Our annual Spring Break Family Vacation has begun.








Buffet View A quick visit to our cabin and the reunion I have waited months for begins.

I savor each one of my new family members as I take in beautiful views of Biscayne Bay.




Our reunion is short lived in more ways than one as it is soon time for the mandatory safety briefing.


It is nice that all we have to do is (without life jackets) assembly at our muster station and listen to the barely audible in English only announcements.



Safety Briefing Gathering at muster station.







Some time after 5:30pm the Valor pulls away from the dock and we are headed for Grand Cayman.




 Water Slide Carnival Valor Sailing Away From Miami


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