Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Antarctica, A Gentoo Nation


Being in Antarctica at the beginning of December, we are starting to experience the warming effects of spring. It is in the 40's as we make our landing at Nelson Bay where Gentoo penguins are starting their migration here.



Gentoo Nation At the top of a hill where the snow has started to melt, a small colony is forming.

The snow here now has an orange brown color to it and is smelly.





PenguinsTalking There is a bit of penguin conversation going on as I watch from afar.

Interpreting, I hear  … “Hey, who’s going to clean up this mess”.






Filthy Penguins Most of the penguins in this area are covered in filth and it is easy to spot the ones that have just arrived or returned from a nearby swim.




The Gentoo Nation is taking shape but I am afraid it will take a strong stomach to stand the stench when the Nation is at full strength.



CAN 013 Hail To The Gentoos






Anonymous said...

my god thats rad id love 2 c antactica

DMBTraveler said...

Definitely worth the trip for an experience of a life time!