Friday, March 25, 2011

Antarctica, A Floridian On Ice


Sea Of Ice Somewhere far from the Miami Heat, I find myself quietly drifting in a sea of ice. Close by, I can hear only breathing and small chatter.



However, in the distance a grumbling can be heard that is soon followed by a crashing sound.



Falling Glacier Falling Pieces Of Glacier



NH Huge Glacier I am sitting in a zodiac in Nicholas Bay, Antarctica.

Here, along with fellow explorers I witness some of nature’s ice beauty and awesomeness.



As part of a thousand plus year old glacier falls into the ocean the small chatter turns to woos and excitement.



Antarctic Gull Nicholas Bay Even birds are thrilled by this action as it means an opportunity for feeding time.





At our distance the falling pieces creates a peaceful rolling motion on the sea beneath us. So gentle that the surface of the water is not even disturbed. If not for the limitation of time, it is a scenery one could enjoy forever under the warming sun and clear blue skies.

Soon the zodiac motor comes to life and we are off exploring more of Nicholas Bay. What my cameras do not capture my mind does and I hope it lasts a lifetime. Another wonderful and amazing experience in Antarctica.



Blue Sea Of Ice Antarctic Floating Ice And Icebergs





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