Friday, December 31, 2010

Argentina, Last Day In Ushuaia


A AR$12 cab ride back to Hotel Las Lengas and my one bag is carried to the lobby for delivery to Cabin 314 on the Ioeffe. Unfortunately, Peter and I will not be sharing the same cabin on the ship.

However, Operation Antarctica will soon begin and nothing will come between us. What is Peter without Pan, Cake without Ice Cream or Ebony without Ivory?

After a shower, we begin our last minute packing and preparation for crossing the Drake Passage later this evening. Peter has some medication “a patch” that he thinks I should try. Why not?






CAN 074 Our preparation done, we head downstairs for a nice free breakfast.

Here the lounge gives us nice views of Ushuaia ’s waterfront.






SAM 002 A delicious sampling of cakes, pastries, fruits, juices and hot tea but sadly no empanadas.





We both take some time to get caught up on last minute emails. Afterward, we browse the Drake Passage weather at:



Drake Weather Our novice analysis tells us our crossing will not be too bad. We are seeing more greens than orange or reds.





Cautioned the night before to bring any fragile and important items like beer, wine or whiskey in our carry on bags, a stop is planned at the local grocery store on our way to the port.

There are no typical cruise ship restrictions or searches during the boarding process.





At the local grocery store Peter and I take turns watching each other backpacks outside the store as we shop for our personal preferences.

With smiling faces and building excitement our backpacks are a little heavier as we continue making steps to our rendezvous point just outside Puerto Ushuaia.

“Don, must we turn here?”


SAM 003 “No, it is one more block then down the hill from Avenida St. Martin.”






This is where our fellow passengers have gathered as a group of buses patiently wait to take us to the Akademik Ioffe.



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