Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Argentina, East Meets West



It is the afternoon before I sail to Antarctica and a prearranged room awaits me at Hotel Las Lengas which is on my way back into town.



SAM 027 Slight detours through the western neighborhoods of Ushuaia for sightseeing and I eventually end up there.





My room is a shared double and my so far unknown roommate has already checked in. Stepping into Room 203, I immediately feel like I have under packed for my trip.

There are two large suitcases in the room along with a computer and a fair amount of camera equipment.




Peter, returns to the room and introductions are made. I can tell I am going to like hanging out with this guy from the former GDR, East Germany.

At 6:30pm we head down stairs for our pre-trip briefing and then agree to meet up in town for dinner at 9pm. Since neither one of us is all that familiar with downtown Ushuaia I suggest (with an ulterior motive) the “only” Irish Bar in town on San Martin as our meeting point. Peter suggests the intersection of San Martin and 9 de Julio near the rental car office as a backup.

Returning my car a few minutes early, I have time for another walk around this quaint town then peek into the Irish Bar looking for Peter before stepping inside next door at a Panaderia.



Medialuna Rows and rows of my new love are waiting for me. AR$4 and three of us have a nice reunion. Still a bit flaky but glazed and sprinkled with coconut.

How can I not be in love?



9pm comes and still no Peter. I wait a few more minutes then retrace my steps down San Martin. “Peter, Peter”, I call from a distance as I see him standing somewhat confused near the intersection of 9 de Julio.

Looking up 9 de Julio the reason for Peter's confusion becomes clear. There's an Irish Bar on 9 de Julio and Peter was told by a local it was also the “only” Irish Bar in town. I am glad the cold war is over because I don't think neither Peter or I would be good spies.

Did you say Checkpoint Charlie or Bravo?




Irish BarIrish Bar On Avenida San Martin with Panaderia next door!



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