Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Argentina, Sea Lion And Bird Island Ushuaia



CAN 154 As a part of tour of Beagle Canal, we make a “figuratively speaking” stop at Sea Lion and Bird Island.






CAN 147 Using his well practiced skills, our Captain maneuvers the “Yate Tango” within mere feet of the rocky slope of the islands.







CAN 152 Sea Lion Colony




CAN 148 This allows us to get great views of sea lions basking in the sun.







CAN 187 Here, a huge alpha male watches over his harem while rejected males and females form small communities of their own.




CAN 141 In one area of the rocky slopes, fresh blood stains show evidence of a recent confrontation.







CAN 161 What’s the name of this island?




CAN 160 On Bird Island several different species of birds are gathered, enjoying the great outdoors on a pleasant afternoon.






CAN 159 We are told that there are some birds present that migrate over 800 miles to Antarctica from here, non-stop.





Nature and it's ecosystem can be so fascinating, almost to the point of a Ripley's believe or not moment.



CAN 158With a pair of binoculars we can see some nesting birds while others walk around the colony as if shopping in a mall.




They are oblivious to our presence and it makes them more interesting to watch.  Just doing what birds do best, being birds.

I am glad this place is for the birds.





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