Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Argentina, Ushuaia A Sunday Stroll



SAM 018 I am awake in time to have a complimentary breakfast at Hosteria Chalp before I set out on a Sunday morning stroll to explore Ushuaia.




Although it is past 10 O'clock in the morning, most of the town still seems to be asleep as I walk towards “El Centro”.  Back on Magallanes, I make a brief stop at a memorial honoring war veterans from the Ushuaia area.


SAM 020 The memorial is in need of repair but majestic snow cap mountains in the background serves as a nice distraction.





Panaderia, Panaderia, an alarm is being sounded as my senses perceive a serious threat to my caloric intake for the day.


SAM 021 I have discovered by accident, Panaderia Eureka on Don Bosco just south of Magallanes.







 SAM 022 Have I told you how much I love you?



Although you are a bit flaky and have a few strawberry freckles, sprinkled with coconut, you drive me crazy!

Apparently, the Argentineans have found a delicious way to dress up a croissant and I personally have no objections to it.



SAM 025 This southern area of Argentina makes many claims to being the end of the world, El Fin Del Mundo.





A marker on Avenida San Martin Ave gives the distance from here to many cities around the globe. Bombay, India, 14868km or just about 9239 miles, an easy day walk for you.



SAM 026 Church On San Martin



Avenida San Martin is the main street in Ushuaia lined with unique stores and fancy restaurants along with a casino.


SAM 076 Expect to pay “tourist prices” except at a local grocery store on the west end of San Martin.

There you can still get a cold one for less than a buck.



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