Saturday, December 25, 2010

Argentina, Car Rental In Ushuaia



SAM 014 Returning from a fantastic tour of Beagle Canal, I make some inquires about a rental car for tomorrow.





I find myself at Cinco Estrellas (5 Star) Rent A Car on 9 de Julio 128 where I can get a car for AR$230 a day, about US$60. My plan is to visit the National Park and some other areas around Ushuaia and be able to do so at my own pace.

The admission to the National Park is AR$65 about US$16. However, I am told that there is free access to the park before 8am or after 10pm. Apparently, this is when the toll booth is unattended.



SAM 004I am not one to get much worms but I make this a part of my plan to visit the National Park about 25km outside of the city.

I will need to pick up the rental car this evening. No problem!



A light rain is falling as I walk back into town. The rain does not last long as it was just a blow off  from the clouds in the near by mountains.

Checking out my car I am made aware of one interesting local traffic rule in the city, traffic going up or down a hill has the right of way.


CAN 057 It now makes sense why there are not to many stop signs around town.

I wonder if this system would work in San Francisco?





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