Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Argentina, Dining In Ushuaia


After a  successful rendezvous with my temporary roommate, Peter, we headed back down Avenida San Martin discussing dinner options.



Irish Bar Although the Irish Bar was our original meeting point it is quickly cast aside as an option.


We are in search of good local fare.



The aroma flowing from some restaurants along the Avenida makes this challenging but we soon narrow down our choices. Window shopping, we spot an open charcoal pit grill surrounded by various meats including full split animals dripping with flavorful juices. That seals the deal for us.



SAM 025 At the corner of Avenida San Martin and Gdor Gogoy we step into a very crowded and busy RM Moustaccho.





Although filled primarily with tourists this is an almost foolproof sign that we are in for a good dining experience.



Moustacchio A few minutes wait and we are soon perusing the wine list. For me, the choice is easy, not red or white. 

I want “almost”  the finest bottle of “Vino del Fin del Mundo”.




End Of World Wine For AR$32 per bottle, Postales Del Fin Del Mundo from Patagonia, Argentina fits the bill.

Peter also wants a bottle of water. He asks, “Is with gas, OK?” 

For his benefit, I agree as I usually have no need for additional gas. I guess it's a European thing.






SAM 019 Appetizers



For starters Peter has a salad and I select an order of small fried fish. My order of small fried fish turns into a plate piled mile high with a large portion of a “sardine” type fish with lemon wedges. No way I am going to eat all of them and a main course as well. Adding lemon juice, I fish one of them from my plate, then another, then another as I start having vision problems, again!



SAM 022 Our main courses arrive, a steak for Peter with potatoes, a mix meat skewer for me with vegetables and papas fritas.




Good conversation, trying to solve the world's problems while sipping the finest “Vino del Fin del Mundo” and we are enjoying ourselves at Moustaccho.

In my peripheral vision I notice what I perceive to be a few men in black and white watching us from a distance. Focusing on the situation, I quickly realize that the restaurant is completely emptied of customers except for two guys. One from Germany, one from America.

AR$250, about US$60 including tips and we “politely kick” ourselves out of Moustaccho after a nice dining experience.

It's past 11:30pm as we begin our walk back to Hotel Las Lengas. While we are both excited about sailing for Antarctica tomorrow afternoon, Peter's enthusiasm is raising an eye brow.

“Don, we must get up early tomorrow. The Ioffe arrives between 6 and 7am, I want pictures”. It is already almost tomorrow and I am certainly not a morning person.

However,  if this team is going to work like Starsky and Hutch or Gin and Tonic then I must compromise.



SAM 027 We finally arrive back at Hotel Las Lengas.

More conversations and logistic planning for our early morning and it’s almost 2am!




Good night Peter, Good night Don Boy.


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