Thursday, December 30, 2010

Argentina, Operation Ioffe


Surprising myself, I am up at 6am for Operation Ioffe. No coffee and donuts for this crack team of covert operators. Checking our equipment, we take a few test shots from the grassy knoll outside our hotel and decide that being closer is going to be better.


CAN 047 Not much of the town is awake as we stroll down to the waterfront.

It is chilly and we will both be glad when the sun gets higher in the southern sky.





CAN 048 Agent 0.000007




CAN 043 Against a gray seascape our target appears as a small white box in the distance.

I fire off some long distance shots and don't like the results.



I think we are going to have to use a multi shot approach if this is going to be a successful mission. We are also going to need some video but I don't think our footage is going to make us famous.



CAN 045 It seems the ship is hardly moving but it slowly grows bigger and bigger.







CAN 053 Ioffe Docked




CAN 072 We click away and then change our positions as the Akademik Ioffe berths in Ushuaia.

I think our multi shot approach has worked.




I wonder how long it will take others to figure out that there was a second camera!




CAN 069 Akademik Ioffe In Ushuaia, Argentina



We now have about an hour and a half before we must check out. Peter needs to take a “dulche” (shower) and I need to make plans for the rest of the day. I head to Puerto Ushuaia, Peter back to the hotel.

Hoping to take a Parque Nacional tour I am disappointed when I learn from one of the guides at Navegacion Canal Beagle that only a tour to the nearby lakes is available.

It is just as well as I could use the rest of my free time to relax a bit before almost eleven days at sea.




E Squared and Mui said...

here we go ... about to board the ship to Antarctica ... waiting for the next episode.

DMBTraveler said...

Slow progress but ... lots of more to come. Hope it is worth the wait. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for continued safe travels in 2011!