Sunday, December 12, 2010

Argentina, Bridge Island Ushuaia


Continuing my tour of Beagle Canal, a natural sheltered waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, we make a stop on Bridge Island in the middle of the canal.


CAN 163 Docking we are joined by our sister tour ship, Yate Che.







CAN 164 First Bridge Island View




CAN 186 Since we have landed with our original 14, I am thinking we will have a group activity so I join up with some of Yate Che passengers on a rocky beachfront.



A humorous gentle scolding and I am pulled back into a fold of 6.  Each group will take turns hiking to a vista point that will give us 360 degree views of the area.


CAN 179 Although a bit windy, the scenery has already captivated us and we are all looking forward to our hike.




During our climb we are given good lessons about the vegetation and plant life on the island. At a “calafate” plant we are told that it is a fruit one must try but at the right time. Locals use it in all types of foods including ice cream.

Legend has it that if you eat “calafate” you will always come back to Patagonia. However, you must choose the right time to eat it. At the wrong time of the year you will just come back to the bathroom!



 CAN 165 Unique Plant



One piece of the landscape that looks like a rock cover with moss is actually a plant that when rubbed smells like Pine-sol.



CAN 170 Next, we get a comical history lesson about Yamana Viagra.






CAN 171 A plant with let's just say unique shaped flowers that when touched drips with a sap as sweet as honey.






CAN 167 Minutes later and we are sampling wild berries that are like miniature tart apples.





In a matter of a few feet we have tasted nature's No. 19, Sweet & Sour but without broccoli.



CAN 168 The short hiking here is amazing not only for the views but also the interesting footing beneath us.

The path has a spongy soft carpet feel to it.



It seems the ground here stays relatively cold which affects the decomposition of tree and plant life. The roots only partially decomposed and never become compacted soil.

Picking up a layer of top soil it crumbles in my hand and blows away in the wind.



CAN 177 I Am So Excited



With the views that I am enjoying from the top of Bridge Island along with my earlier whale sightings this tour has definitely been worth the money. I am not sure if other tours offer similar outings but Navegacion Canal Beagle earns a 5 Star recommendation.



CAN 175 Looking West







CAN 173 Southern View From Bridge Island









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