Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Argentina, Ushuaia Waterfront



SAM 031 Walking down a south inclined street from Avenida San Martin, I find myself along the waterfront.







CAN 058 Ushuaia Waterfront Views




There is a slight chill in the air from a blowing wind but all around me the scenery is gorgeous.


CAN 059 The city is practically encompassed by rolling mountains.

Distinct vegetation lines can be seen on some of them in the background.





SAM 035 Maritime Monument



The seas are calm along the waterfront where a grounded tugboat rest secured as a memorial to other ships that have experienced the ocean's rage.



SAM 034 Near the shore the water is almost crystal clear as ducks take a morning swim. In the distance, I can see the pier I hope to be sailing from in a few days and continue my stroll in that direction.



SAM 054 Just before reaching the port, I stop at a local gas station. For less than US$3 I have lunch, a snack and empanadas.

This time no pizza!





SAM 039 In less than five minutes I am at Puerto Ushuaia.




The Most Active Gateway To Antarctica



At Puerto Ushuaia,  you can find many boat operators that offer tours of Beagle Canal. Sailings are usually three times a day at 0930, 1500 and 1900.


CAN 134For AR$180 plus AR$6 port tax, I sign up for the 3pm tour which still gives me a few hours to explore a bit more of Ushuaia.



Next, Museo Maritimo de Ushuaia, The Maritime Museum of Ushuaia.


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