Monday, December 27, 2010

Argentina, An Afternoon In Ushuaia


Having spent the morning in quest of reaching Martial Glacier and falling short, I set out on a drive to explore a bit more of Ushuaia.



CAN 033 Leaving Martial Glacier, I find Highway 3 headed to Parque National.





The black top road soon turns into one that is compact gravel. The mountains surrounding the city are on my right and in the distance the Ushuaia 's coastline on the left.

The early morning and afternoon showers are long gone and nothing remains except sunshine and clear blue skies.



CAN 036 Although, I have no plans to be taken for a ride, I make a stop at Tren Del Fin Del Mundo.






I had already been warned by my guide from a boat tour that the train is not worthwhile and I now tend to agree. The train makes a semi-circle loop towards the National Park (which is an additional AR$65 entrance fee) and provides views that you can get on your own. The train fee ranges from AR$130-300 about US$32-75.




CAN 035 Tren Del Fin Del Mundo



Inside the main building there is a gift and coffee shop. There are also some historical artifacts on display which are nice to see.

Like a few other venues here much is made of “El Fin del Mundo” and Tren Del Fin Del Mundo is no exception.

Just down the road is El Parque National. Unfortunately, at the entrance toll booth only pesos are accepted. With mostly dollars in my pocket, I do a u-turn.

I am later told it is better to visit the park as a part of a small tour group if you are short on time. Most tours are AR$130-160 and I believe include the park's entrance fee.



CAN 038 Different views of the local mountains as I head back into town still makes the drive fun.








CAN 041 Local Golf Course, Fore!




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