Saturday, December 18, 2010

Argentina, Maritime Museum of Ushuaia



SAM 041 At the west end of El Centro just a few blocks up from San Martin you will find the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia.






SAM 042 Entrance Maritime Museum


The museum is located on the boundary of the Naval Station in Ushuaia. For a AR$60 (US$15) entrance fee you can spend a few hours exploring the history of the area and learning a bit about Antarctica.

At first, the fee seems a bit steep but it is valid for a 48 hour period. However, discovering that the museum does not receive any government support makes me feel a little better about departing with my dollars.



CAN 094 The museum occupies two floors on what was formerly a military prison.





Entering the museum there are models of the many ships that have navigated the area since it's earlier recorded history.



CAN 093 Ferdinand Magellan's, Trinidad (1520) and many others.





Magellan was the first European who sighted the land here and called it “Tierra de los Fuegos”, The Land Of Fire.




CAN 095 Yamana Male



CAN 096 Here, I also learn about the life of Yamana's the original Ushuaia settlers.







CAN 097 The Yamana's specialized in making canoes from the bark of large trees which they removed in a delicate process.




Using these canoes in search of food, the Yamanas followed the seal population to this area. When the Europeans first arrive here there were over 4,000 Yamana's, today only 1 one pure female Yamana remains.



CAN 101 Replica Of Original “El Fin del Mundo” Lighthouse



Besides local history there are also other interesting exhibits about Antarctica and marine activity in the area. The museum houses a replica of the original “El Fin del Mundo” lighthouse which is quite different than I expected a lighthouse to be.

Originally situated on an island far southeast of here, sailors often complained about it's ineffectiveness in helping them navigate the area.  Apparently, it's beacon was less visible than stated.



SAM 058 The lighthouse was destroyed in a storm and never replaced. Now a “Tourist Lighthouse” has been constructed in Beagle Canal and it is known as “The End Of The World” lighthouse.





CAN 098 Learning more about the area at the museum becomes a nice way to spend a few hours in Ushuaia.




The US$15 admission fee becomes worth it to me, after all. Dollars well spent.



E Squared and Mui said...

Sounds like you had a really good time in Ushuaia; thanks for the virtual trip ... it brought back memories of our own visit to Ushuaia.

DMBTraveler said...

Yes, it was nice to be down a few days early before heading South. Tons of fun. More postings to come!