Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Argentina, A Brush With Antarctica History



CAN 002 The Akademik Ioffe sits in the background as we  arrive at our meeting spot just to the west of the port entrance.






SAM 009 It’s around 3:20pm and we still have about a half an hour before the buses will leave for the ship.






This gives me a few minutes to bond with a part of Antarctica history which in some regards we will be reliving in a few hours.




SAM 007 Adrien de Gerlache




In December 1897, Gerlache, a Belgian Polar Explorer sailed from Ushuaia and was the first expedition to winter over in Antarctica.



SAM 006 More Antarctica history is available at nearby Museo Territorial but there is just not enough time.

I have another mission to accomplish.



Not sure about how we will pass our free time at sea, I make an inquiry about card games available on the ship and get an uncertain answer.

Still with about 20 minutes to spare I leave the waiting area in search of playing cards which become a challenge to find. At several stores there are decks with 40 or 50 cards but not 52.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to learn new games with them. I have already lined up some potential victims (students) to teach “Spades”. On Avenida San Martin I get lucky and find a set of regular playing cards.

Next time I will remember to bring my own and save about three bucks!


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