Friday, January 14, 2011

Antarctica, My Scientific Reward


Dinner is served and my very, very “exhausting” scientific research earns me a slice of chocolate cake drizzled with a caramel brandy sauce and ice cream.



Chocolate Reward I think I just might continue being a part of this scientific team.






Since our dining is “free style” it gives me the opportunity to make new friends every time I sit down to eat.

I don't miss the chance to learn something new about Bolivia, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Italy or even San Francisco and Minnesota.

With just over 100 passengers on board this cruise is almost like a family reunion. What would a family reunion be without a few games? Plans are made to meet in the bar after dinner where I promise to teach a few of my new family members the game of “Spades”.



Spades Masters How fortunate for them there is not just one but two “Spades Masters” on board.

Did you say Double Nil?




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