Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antarctica, First Evening On The Ioffe



Bow Of Ioffe With a full stomach, I take a walk to explore a bit more of the Ioffe.







Ioffe Starboard From bow to stern, I am rewarded with beautiful views of Beagle Canal and a stunning sunset sky.








Beagle Canal Sunset Beagle Canal Sunset From The Ioffe




It is almost 10pm and the sun is working it's artistic magic. Gone are the oranges seen at the higher latitudes now replaced with soft blues, along with soothing pinks and purples.



Stunning Sky With snow cap mountains fading in the distance, it is a scenery you want to last forever.





On board the Ioffe is an Argentine Pilot Captain who is navigating us along the historically disputed boundaries of the Beagle Canal. On one side lies Chile and the other, Argentina.

The important sea passages here was once so disputed that it took the intervention and threat of excommunication by Pope John Paul to get both sides to reach an agreement.



Ioffe Loung A chill is in the air as the sun's heat leaves for the day, so I step inside the lounge to warm up a bit.

Here a piano is available just in case Billy Joel or Sir Elton John comes on board.





Pilot Tug Boat Back outside a tug boat approaches and our temporary navigator leaves us.

The Ioffe is now on it’s own.





Nonetheless, I feel confident with the remaining crew as the we head out to open seas.




Iofffe Bar



With Carlos from Colombia serving as Alcohol And Snack Ambassador, a small but notable crowd from countries like Germany, Taiwan, Bolivia and The US have gathered for brief international talks and drinks.

Proper introductions are made and possible agendas discussed before the meeting is adjoined.



Nav Update Chart A  quick check of our navigation progress chart tells me the sun will be back at 04:53am.

This is less than seven hours away as I head to my upper bunk bed.





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