Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cruising, Carnival Valor The Nightlife.



Carrnival Valor As the coast of Florida disappears behind us it is time to explore more of what the Valor has to offer.




For the most part, the ship's daily calendar of events becomes our trusted exploration map.

However, there are some time tested true events on a cruise that you don't want to miss. The Love & Marriage game, Karaoke and Carnival's “Quest Game” usually top our list.

To night it's “Night Club Express”, a production show followed by a stop at the Piano Bar, late night comedy then we are going to boogie woogie until we just can't boogie no more.

How do you end a night on a cruise ship at 2am? With a slice or two of pizza and a hamburger. But , of course.

Next stop, Deck 9 Lido!




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