Thursday, May 26, 2011

Antarctica, Oh Behave



Austin Powers YBY

Spring time on Jougla Point would make “The International Man Of Mystery” very proud as there is a whole lot of “shag” going on.





And who’s responsible for all this shagging? You guessed it, The Blue Eyed Shags.

With nests built on shared grounds, from a distance they can be easily be mistaken for gentoo penguins.



Shared Rock Shared Rock




CAN 006 However, all doubt should be vanished when you see one take flight.





The Blue Eyed Shag is the only member of the Cormorant family that resides on the Antarctic continent proper as far south as 68 degrees.

Although they normally breed between August and October, here some late or second chance courtship is still going on in early December.



Shagging Yeah, Shag, Yeah!










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