Thursday, May 26, 2011

Antarctica, Port Lockroy


Located on Goudier Island, visiting Port Lockroy gives a glimpse of daily living in Antarctica and a nonchalant welcome by the couple hundreds or so black and white locals.

About four months out of the year the island is also occupied by four to nine temporary volunteer locals.


Port Lockory Museum Port Lockroy is a natural harbor that was once a British military base in the 1960's.

Today, it  is operated as a museum and spring time residence.




From here, The Antarctic Heritage Trust does work to clean up other former British locations that are an eye sore to the pristine area.


64S63W At 64 degrees south and 63 degrees west I take a seat in the snow.

Being properly dressed I am not worried about freezing my tush off.






Antartic Sled Nearby, a sled and other remnants from early human life are on display.



Sheathbill Prior to entering the museum I am greeted by the local scavenger, a Sheathbill.




The Sheathbill is content to clean up the mess around here even if it involves stealing an egg or two in the process.

Inside the museum, I get a quick confirmation that all along my personal hygiene has been on the right track. Due to the lack of rainfall here along with the process for collecting water, in the 1960's it was not uncommon to wait 9 days to take a shower.


Take A Bath Aren't you glad I use Dial?






Bacon In A Can Feeling Hungry?

How about some sliced bacon in the can or tasty kidney pudding?






Heinz Did you say you would like mayonnaise that looks like mustard on the side?

Some Heinz, coming right up!






Port Lockory Bed Munchkin Bed


Go ahead, take a nap.


Bath Tub Seeing the decor and items on the display, I cannot image life being too comfortable here in the darkness winter. 

A four month spring time visit would be more to my liking.


Although, I am told the showering cycle has been reduced to about four days. Maybe I can adjust.

Headed back to the Ioffe, I discover we are in for another pleasant surprise and the weather is nice enough that it might all work out just right.




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