Saturday, May 14, 2011

Antarctica, A Whale Of A Surprise



Iceberg Building Around 9:30pm an announcement is made from the bridge.

I am excited just from the tone alone in the announcer's voice.




CAN 009 A pair of humpback whales have been seen of the bow of the Ioffe.





The temperatures have fallen again so I dress warm, grab my best photo equipment and head to the bridge.

In the distance, I can see  two shiny black objects occasionally break the surface as pieces of ice and icebergs float by.



CAN 037 Columns  of water vapor rise into the air and it becomes easier to spot them.




The Ioffe has gone into a run silent, run deep mode as it is safely maneuvered behind our surfacing visitors.


CAN 052 We are still a good distance away when a back arches and then begins to descend.






CAN 120 Soon a V-shaped tail rises in the air touched by the sun's golden rays before it fades from the surface.




Earlier in our expedition we learned that humpback whales can remain submerged for up to 45 minutes. I am hoping this evening this will not be the case.

Apparently, this pair is feeding and the food supply is not too deep as they soon resurface. This time we are so much closer that I can clearly see a blow hole.



Humpback Back Humpback Whale




CAN 124 The Captain has done a nice job maneuvering the Ioffe as we are now getting great views.







The Dripping Tail Humpback Whale Dripping Tail



After about twenty minutes of watching these magnificent creatures the Ioffe is set on course for our next destination, Paradise Harbor.




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