Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grand Cayman, Stingray City



GCM Waterfront We are ashore in Grand Cayman too early for our 8:30am tour with Captain Marvin to Stingray City.




We have pre-arranged this tour online on our own prior to leaving on our Carnival cruise. This saves us a few bucks or more over Carnival prices. Depending on which dock you are tendered to, Captain Marvin's office is no more than a ten to fifteen walk.

Capt Marvin's:


GCM George Town Around 9am we are loaded on buses from the office area and head to our launch spot about a twenty minute drive away.



Our driver and coincidentally our boat captain today is Denver as in Colorado. I get a laugh from him and fellow passengers when I tell him I am Dallas from Texas.

As we pull away from the marina we are told to look ashore and wave to an elderly gentleman taking in the scenery with a few others. It is none other than Captain Marvin, himself. About 80 years old and still going strong.

Since the sun is still heating up the day, the tropical breeze still has a chill to it as we accelerate down the channel passing some beautiful sea front homes.


GCM Home I am going to have to work a little harder if I am ever going to own one of these million dollar plus estates that happen to be property tax free.



The breeze on my face becomes warmer and the seas are beginning to sparkle as we approach Stingray City.

A daily crowd of visitors have already arrived and from the level of excitement and laughter I can tell they are already enjoying their adventure.




GCM Gaint Stingray Stingray City



The water is so inviting and crystal clear than huge stingrays can be seen lazily swimming just below the surface. The crew offers us snorkel equipment but I can tell for this experience they won't be needed.

Off the back of the anchored boat we jump into chest high water that decreases to our waistline as we move away. It's our group's turn for excitement and laughter as the boat's crew shares a few stingrays and information with us.

Did you know the females rule the stingray world or that their stingers are defense mechanism?


GCM Hugging Stingray I am not sure if I believe in the “kissing one” will bring you seven years good luck but I give it a try.




Maybe stingrays feel the same way because someone in another group ends up with a huge hickey on his back.

We are allow to touch and hold the stingrays although holding them takes a few tries for some of the people from Texas.

For feeding, we are given pieces of squid and told to hold them like an ice cream under the water. I now know what a piece of dust feels like when a Hoover passes over it. It really sucks!

Back on board the boat we head to a nearby area for snorkeling and chance upon a tail-less stingray that we are told was born that way. Seeing turtles, a barracuda and colorful tropical fish are the icing on the cake for a pretty cool adventure.



GCm Daydreaming Sailing back to the marina, I am day dreaming under the warm tropical sun.

I am beginning to make myself a believer in the seven year luck thing.



A Powerball ticket and tax free island real estate might just be in my future.




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