Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Antarctica, Paradise Harbor


Although it is Spring in Antarctica not all areas of the continent have received the memo. We get first hand confirmation of this as our first zodiac landing of the day is canceled.


PH Hills After many attempts the Ioffe finds it's path time and time again blocked by sea ice as it tries to navigate into Paradise Harbor.




Not only is the sea ice a reminder of our current location but also the bitter cold howling winds. Even with the sun shining only a few of us brave being out on the deck of the Ioffe.


Don & J I am so bundled up even my roommate John is not sure who's behind the yellow parka and black face mask.







PH Port Akademik Ioffe Paradise Harbor



Only an occasional relief from the wind or by finding shelter can I get a glimpse of the scenery.


Argentine Station More gorgeous pristine white landscape and another scientific research center in the distance.





I think most of us our glad the zodiac landing has been canceled. It might have been quite miserably under these conditions.

Time to edit some photos, maybe.




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