Saturday, May 28, 2011

Antarctica, Cold, Cool And Fun


Think of being in one of the coldest areas on the planet and what we are experiencing this afternoon is one of the last things you would think about.

Thanks to the hard work of the on board hotel staff, we are having an Outdoor Barbeque in Antarctica! And to literally top it all off our unofficial cruise director, Val, has laid down a challenge. We have to come up with the “coolest” hats we can for the event.



Trash Hat I head right for the trash can.








Grilled Chicken Mingling on the aft deck as the sweet smell of barbeque chicken, steak and sausages fill the cold Antarctica air, I am delighted to see fellow passengers have reached for higher grounds to top things off.



From a yellow submarine hat, to one that is made out of sea sick bags there is a lot of talent at 64 degrees south.

Four contestants end up in a crowd participation vote for a bottle of house. For our guests from Port Lockroy, who did take a bath today, The Penguin Man is a favorite but he is not able to muster a win.


See It The fun continues once the "BBQ After Party" begins inside the bar.

There we are entertained by a fun magician.





The Hostess At the right moment, Val climbs the bar counter to get our attention.

A treat awaits as a new music beat permeates the air.





An Antarctic Stripper Next, it's a bit of adult entertainment Antarctica style as a yellow parka comes off and the dance moves begin.



Crazy Guys The fun seems non stop.






Thanks to the generosity of two fellow passengers, Carlton and Rose a few of us even get to take a stab at the art of magic. Our first, second and third attempt at it goes down real smooth.



Carlton's Vodka After all, how difficult should it be for a couple of “Wild and Crazy Guys” to make a liter or so of Vodka disappear?






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