Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grand Cayman, 7 Mile Beach


After about two days of sailing from Miami, the Carnival Valor comes to a stop just offshore from George Town, Grand Cayman.


GCM Carnival Valor Anchored Our first port of call is within striking distance but it will take a little effort on our part to get there.





A tendering process puts us ashore where we discover most of the town is still asleep. There is a time difference between the ship's time and Cayman's time.

We have pre-arranged a trip to Stingray City with Captain Marvin and have arrived at the office about an hour too early.

I take the opportunity to walk around the “two block by two block” downtown and I learn a little bit about the island's history.


GCM Bus Passenger A short local bus ride from here for about $2 and you can spend some time at the world famous 7 Mile Beach.







GCM Beach Nap Tiki Beach Along 7 Mile



A nice beach with “tourist prices” although there are areas where you relax and enjoy free tropical breezes. Our visit there happens after our trip to Stingray City.

From near Tiki Beach at 7 Mile, we flag down one of the many mini buses headed back to town which turns out to be a nice local experience.


GCM Wowballs In town, I am intrigued by the chance to walk on water so we make a stop at WOWBALLS.

Most are failing trying to repeat the miracle so my idea is squashed.



Seeing local fishermen nearby arriving with the fresh catches of the day, I think I stand a better chance feeding thousands with a few small fish and bread.


GCM Fresh Catch Fresh Catch







Along the waterfront vendors are on “island time”setting up for the day as we walk by many empty stalls. On a nearby wall a few birds enjoy the meat of coconuts, no doubt left behind by naive island visitors.

Like true Islanders, birds know it's the best part of the coconut.



GCM Long Line A lengthy line awaits us to reboard the ship and we quickly adopt an island mentality.

Sitting in the shade, we cool off with a cold local brew or two.



Being among the last to board the last tender back to the Valor with no worries, I feel reconnected to my island roots.

Thanks, Cayman!



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