Friday, May 20, 2011

Antarctica, Jougla Point


A short time after lunch we are boarding zodiacs for our afternoon outing. Groups of us will take turns visiting Port Lockroy and nearby Jougla Point on Goudier Island.



Jougla Point My group first visits a very very windy and cold Jougla Point.






I spend the start of my time there with one of the expedition leaders, Damien, who has a wealth of information about the area.



Sleeping Duo From him, I also learn about the various types of sea ice as we watch a seal frantically waving hello to us.







Blue Eye Inflight Blue Eyed Shag



Here there are several colonies of gentoo penguins, blue eyed shags and kelp gulls. They are busy with spring time activities which become very interesting to watch.

At one time, this area had an active whaling industry at Jougla Point.


Whale Bone Today, some of the sad artifacts including giant now gray whale bones remain scattered along the shoreline.








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