Monday, October 29, 2012

Vietnam, Welcome To Saigon


A forty minute drive from our hotel, The Rising Dragon and we arrive back at the Hanoi Airport. In about two hours we will be heading south to Saigon, Ho Chi Minh International Airport.

As we wait to board our Jetstar flight we enjoy most of our lunch from the local airport restaurant. It is difficult to go wrong with a selection of noodle soup or fried rice but your beverage choice may be another thing.



2012-06-30 19 50 32How bad can a drink from Wonderfarm be?

Well if it is a Winter Melon Tea, you might want to think twice unless you like drinking acetone.



Luckily, you can always find a Coke about anywhere in the world. Today, I am happy for the first time to use one as a chaser.

Surviving my battle with Wonderfarm, we are soon en route to a destination in Vietnam I am really looking forward to. As we begin our initial approach into Ho Chi Minh City, thousands of feet below us is a green landscape with brown rivers in almost all directions.



2012-06-30 19 51 02Arriving Ho Chi Minh City


Closer to landing the ground becomes densely covered with tightly squeezed building that tells much about the population below us.


2012-06-30 19 51 06One hour and forty five minutes after leaving Hanoi, we arrive in Saigon.

We are ready to explore more of country that so far has been a touching and moving experience.



I am told, “The heat is on in Saigon.”



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