Saturday, October 13, 2012

Canada, Churchill Tundra Lounge & Restaurant


My visit to any place on the planet would not be complete unless I have at least a sampling of the local food and beer.


SAMCHILL 009In Churchill one place to do that is at the Tundra Lounge & Restaurant.

Here from Bison to Elk and Caribou you can sample some of the local culinary delights.





My choice a Bison Burger with yam fries and a Standard Lager. I am told that Standard Larger although it is labeled like a Budweiser was here first. It definitely taste better than Budweiser and maybe “This Larger And A Bison Burger Might Just Be Right For You.”


SAMCHILL 010I make two quick stops before hopping a taxi to the airport.

One at Great White Bear gift shop to say goodbye to Sheila, who is unfortunately gone for the day.






SAMCHILL 013Two is at Gypsy's so I can take a part of Churchill home with me.

However, I doubt this souvenir will make it through 10,000 feet.










The cinnamon fry is gone long before the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign is turned off.


Thanks, Churchill, Great White Bear, Gypsy’s, Tundra and The Eskimo Museum for a great time.



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