Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laos, Journey to Tad Se Falls


We are up early our last day in Laos. This morning we are taking a trip to Tad Se Falls after which we will be driven to the Luang Prabang airport for a flight to Hanoi. This had all been arranged the night before for what I consider a reasonable price of US$30 per person.



002Before our hotel pick up, we make a trip to the morning market for more breakfast samplings and fresh fruit.

The pineapples here are irresistible and consistently the best tasting pineapples I have had anywhere.




Initially our tour was scheduled for six people but as it turns out there will be only two of us. As with all of our other tours and bus rides in Laos, our first stop is at a gas station. Here we get to see how locals purchase their gas and transport it using water bottles.


033About a twenty minute ride out of town and we arrive at a small river community where some active boat building is taking place.

A few minutes later, we are cruising down the river in a boat that was probably built right here.








A short boat ride and as you would expect in Laos, we have to climb up at set of stairs to where we will begin our elephant ride.



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