Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canada, Niagara Falls


About an hour and a half drive from Toronto, visiting Niagara Falls is almost a must if you are in the Toronto area. There are several tour companies in the city that will even take you there as a 8 hour bus day trip.

Although I prefer driving, I would take the bus tour if it was my only option.

After driving the 401, 403, Ontario 25, QEW and maybe the 407/ETR (Express Toll Road), I arrive in the Niagara Falls area with plenty of good signs pointing me in the direction of the falls. Of course, the area is a major tourist attraction filled with all price range of hotels and casinos.


CANYYZ 085Parking near the falls runs from $15 to $18.

However, you can find parking within easy walking distance for $5-7.




I park at the Skylon Tower for $7 where you can also have a lunch or dinner buffet for $27-35. This price includes a lift to the observation deck and revolving restaurant. An a la carte menu is offered and the prices seem a bit steep although the view while dining is no doubt spectacular.




CANYYZ 086Niagara Falls



What is missing when viewing Niagara Falls from above or in the air is sensing its crashing power and feeling its refreshing mist.



CANYYZ 108Closer to the descent of the falls the sidewalk is wet and filled with awed spectators.

All of this can be enjoyed for free except for the cost of parking.




If you want to experience more of Niagara, the classic tour is to take a journey on one of the “Maid Of The Mist” ships like Jim Carrey did in the movie Bruce Almighty.

However, I am sure he did not have to pay the $45 per person charge.



CANYYZ 088Maid Of The Mist



From the sidewalk I watch as others enjoy this experience I have previously done which takes you right up to the mist of the falls. Your choice to come away from it dry or drenched.



CANYYZ 095No matter how many times I have visited Niagara Falls and seen it from the Canadian or American side its awesomeness is never lessened.

Niagara Falls is always impressive.





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moin dpfoc said...

Amazing Video, Niagara Falls is my all time favorite tourist destination. Maid of the Mist the first and must things to do their. its really adventurous and best way to see the falls from to close.

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