Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vietnam, Kayaking At Halong Bay


For an additional $5 to the regular price of our tour kayaking is available at Halong Bay. As we have never been kayaking before we have a feeling the extra $10 is going to be worth the investment.


Halong bay 118From a floating dock we slide into a tandem kayak and we are off for our first experience.







Halong bay 122Although we have done whitewater rafting and canoed many times, this is still a new and unique experience especially here in Halong Bay.

Whatever happens I know it will be a memorable adventure.






Halong bay 124 


Ben and Jadin are almost professionals at this from living in the land of ten thousand lakes. We follow their lead as they paddle towards an earlier recommended course. Soon we are inside of what seems like a crater where a group on a boat for hire is having way too much fun



Halong bay 130The scenery is awesome as we just float along the calm waters and hear laughter echo off the surrounding and amazing landscape.





We watch as female boat operators with skill and rhythmic precision navigate their craft with paying passengers along the same route that we are traveling.



Halong bay 157




Halong bay 162Eventually, we safely make it back to the dock. I breathe a silent sigh of relief that we did not encounter any snakes in the water.





Someone onboard is known to have seriously freaked out the last time we went canoeing and encountered a slivering swimmer.



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