Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laos, Trail Of The Falls


009Arriving at the elephant riding area of Tad Se Waterfall, we are told we will have to wait about 20 minutes as all the available elephants are currently rented.




This delay gives us a chance to explore around the waterfall which is at a very low level this time of the year. I follow a path up a slight hill towards a restaurant where Zip-Lining is available for about US$65 per person.



011Beyond this area the path turns into the Trail of The Falls.

Along the trail are some interesting trees and sites.




The “Ghost Wood” tree produces a seed oil that is said to be good in the fight against cancer while the “Bishop Wood” tree is used to make wine and lubricants.



014A Dry Tad Se Waterfall


Upstream of the falls there are pools of water that are manually funneled down to the main area of Tad Se. This system assists the natural water flow over the falls in the dry season.

Although many areas of the falls are now arid, there is one area where enough water gathers to form a large pool. This area can be used for a refreshing swim if you so chose.



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