Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vietnam, Leaving Halong Bay



018Back from kayaking, we leave floating fruit vendors behind as we sail away to begin a journey that will return us to the point we started from earlier in the day.











Gray skies are gone, replaced with an abundance of sunshine that allows us to see much of the same landscape now in a different light.

Juan our tour guide who is “Happy” probably because he is not a eunuch lends me a souvenir for ten minutes. It is a VN$200,000 note that has a picture of Incense Island on it which we can see not too far from us.


100We again pass the symbol of Halong Bay, “The Kissing Rocks” and odd puttering boats as we return to the harbor.

With ease we are back safely docked and a spectacular day of visiting Halong Bay comes to an end.




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