Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vietnam, On The Way To Halong Bay



010After a late night making a quick exploration of Hanoi, eating fried corn and sampling “Bia Ha Noi”, we are up early for a free Rising Dragon breakfast.







123Mashed Banana & Bacon Breakfast Sandwich



A first for me, mashed banana on toast with bacon. Not sure I'll have that one again but will definitely have more fresh fruits and pastries.

While having breakfast we meet a family from of all places, Minnesota. Interestingly enough, they have the same plans for today as we do and almost immediately we form a friendly common bond.

Around 8am a smiling young man comes into the lobby of The Rising Dragon looking for us. All gathered, we leave the hotel and take a short walk to a tour bus waiting for us.

Once on the road for our 3 hour trip to Halong Bay, we learn a little about Vietnam and the city of “Beep, beep, beep.” At about the half way point to Halong Bay we a stop at a factory of sorts.


VID03681Here, disabled Vietnamese and victims of the Vietnam war make some very cool art work available for sale.




Learning about their circumstances and seeing the beauty of their creativity is moving and inspiring.



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