Sunday, August 11, 2013

Poland, Legnica A Beautiful Town


It is well past midnight as our car takes an exit off the main highway somewhere in Poland. Somehow my sleeping body senses a change in motion and half asleep I ask what is going on and discover that we are in search of a hotel for the night.

Maneuvering in one direction then another with a u-turn here and there along mostly dimly lit streets, eventually we end up in a town area and find a hotel. Fortunately, for us we are checking in at the same time as another late night driver who happens to speak Polish and English. He is more than helpful in acting as a translator for us with the front desk clerk.

Exhausted, we crash for the night not knowing that our wild goose chase has lead us to a quaint and beautiful discovery.

The morning sun comes and it does little to disturb our sleep as it is late in the morning when we begin to rise and shine. After checking out of our restful station for the night, we set out to really have a look at where our first night in Poland has landed us.



2013-07-26 06.28.43Gothic Temple



It is a pleasant surprise when I discover that we are just a few blocks from the city center of Legnica, Poland where a 13th century Gothic Temple magnificently makes its presence known.


POLAND CAN D2 013On a beautiful summer morning its fine architecture and brick red colors contrast nicely with the bright blue and almost cloudless skies.

For me, just as impressive as its outer structure is its inner beauty with totally amazing arches and spectacular stained glass windows.



Leaving the Gothic Temple area, we stroll around town and I admire the colorful buildings and historic European architecture. Our path takes us next to a gorgeous Catholic church built hundreds of years ago.



POLAND CAN D2 007Colorful And Beautiful Buildings


I am always impressed with the obvious craftsmanship that goes into building these splendid structures.




Nice City Square







A first for us is a visit to a free museum that has a collection of historic stones and stone fragments. I find these outdoor exhibits interesting although I cannot read any of the faded inscriptions on many of them.

Our strolling has worked up an appetite that leads us to Cyrus Kebab. Here we sit in a street patio area as we wait for our food we ordered inside at the counter to be delivered.


2013-07-26 08.20.16As our food is served we have determined it is probably not a good idea to order “Max” for one person.





Luckily for us one of our orders is lost in translation and only one “Max” order is presented.



SAM POLAND D2 028Cyrus Kebab Max Gyro Plate


At Cyrus Kebab one “Max Gyro” order served piled high with shaved meat could have served all four of us.

At least now we won't have to eat until we arrive in Krakow unless of course we happen to find some ice cream.



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