Saturday, August 17, 2013

Poland, Schindler's Factory, Krakow


Navigating across town we find a parking spot somewhere near our planned destination and start walking on an already hot morning.

Somehow, I am sure the morning heat will add to my experience of the next couple of hours.


POLAND D2 007We arrive at Schindler's Factory where a small queue has formed for admission into a building that holds a sad part of Poland's history.




Since we are a family of four we get a discounted admission of 50PLN instead of 76PLN based on an individual admission of 19PLN per adult.

For about the next two hours I painfully learn more about the history of this beautiful city and the atrocities committed here against innocent people.



POLAND D2 011Just For Being A Jew


It is truly a moving experience to find out more about such a sad chapter in Poland's and humanity's history.



Corrupting even the innocent






My most touching moment comes towards the end of the tour while reading a displayed quote about a victim pleading for help knowing she was going to the gas chamber.



POLAND D2 013Mr Schindler was definitely a hero of the day



Unfortunately, the world still needs more people like Mr. Schindler because in many ways and places similar atrocities still sadly continue.



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Enya-Marie Clay said...

Did you visit any of the concentration camps while you were there?
I've never even thought of seeing Schindler's factory before, may have to add it to my to-do list!