Sunday, August 18, 2013

Liechtenstein, For Lunch


I am almost sure that if you were to conduct a “Family Feud” survey of one hundred people and ask them to name the countries in Europe, Liechtenstein would not appear anywhere on the board.

It is only from my visit to Zurich that my memory is refreshed from seeing it sometime long ago on a map during my travels. With an opportunity to visit Liechtenstein, we take an enjoyable and scenic drive from Zurich to Vaduz.



CAN JAN15 051However, it is almost impossible to take this drive without making many detours along the way.

It is an understatement to say that this part of Europe is magnificently beautiful.




We arrive in Vaduz after about a three hour drive and we are rewarded with gorgeous views of a very quaint town.



CH Day 2 015Vaduz, Liechtenstein


What started out as a drive to have lunch in Liechtenstein ends up being an early dinner at Troya Cafe Restaurant with delicious gyro, hot fries and cold beer.


CH Dec 2012 064If you get an opportunity to visit Liechtenstein don't pass it up even if it is just for lunch.





Vaduz is an easy drive from Zurich but watch your driving speed, the Swiss are strict about enforcing their speed limits and you may not find out until six months later.

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