Monday, August 12, 2013

Poland, A Night In Krakow


After what some would consider being lost, we pull into a local gas station to get our sense of bearing and come up with a new plan for the evening. Instead of visiting Krakow this afternoon and then spending the night near Auschwitz, we will just stay the night in Krakow.


POLAND D2 005With no hotel plans for Krakow, we roll into town and then make a u-turn when a sign catches our eyes.

At Camping Smok we inquire about a room and find a spacious one to our liking.



After some relaxing time lounging around, we are ready to head into Krakow for the evening.

Parking our car on the sidewalk, we are delighted when we come across a 24hr, order at the window and eat on the sidewalk restaurant that seems very popular with the locals.

As the rest of the gang waits in line to order, I head off to a nearby grocery store to buy our beverages. As I leave, I hope at least one of them has not forgotten our earlier experience.


KRACOW N1 003Returning from my shopping spree with some “OK Beer”, I discover that with a culinary sense of adventure my son has randomly ordered for himself and ends up with a “I Have No Idea” sandwich.



The rest of us stick with the tried and true although we are still surprised by the size and weight of our regular order of gyros this time wrapped and topped with nice warm fries.




KRACOW N1 017The Main Market Square



Did you know that one of the largest medieval squares in Europe is in Krakow?

It is`a gorgeous summer evening as along with others we enjoy the Main Market Square which was first designed in 1257. Anchored here is St. Mary's Basilica which I am told alone is worth a visit to see the magnificent altarpiece.

On a Friday night, as I am sure it is on many other nights this area is alive and vibrant. Patrons dine at restaurants that line portions of the square and watch as romantic horse drawn carriages circle the area.



KRACOW N1 026A few blocks from the Main Market Square the area becomes more lively as music emanates from the nearby buildings.




This is one area that houses some of Krakow’s famous nightlife. We make a brief stop in one venue to be entertained by the next “Polish Idol” but then continue our nighttime strolling.

To my delight, I get to try a new twist with ice cream. This time it is a “Go Fry”, a scoop or two of a local fruit flavored ice cream on top of a waffle. If this will work with pancakes, I think I may have just discovered a way to have ice cream for breakfast.



KRACOW N1 029A Go Fry 




POLAND CAN D2 045If only I were a King like Casimir III The Great Of Poland (1334), I would by Royal Proclamation declare it to be so.








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