Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tibet, Slowly Pressing Onto EBC


We are back on the road towards EBC but it does not seem like it is long before we pull to the side of the road. Apparently, we are ahead of our next checkpoint schedule so we must spend about twenty minutes waiting along the highway.


TOEBC D1 033We are told the checkpoint times are a means of monitoring and attempting to control our speed along the way.

This does gives us another opportunity to enjoy the Tibetan landscape on a clear and fresh afternoon.



Soon we are back on the road but past our next checkpoint we make another stop but this time we get to wander through what seems like an almost deserted village. We watch as a gentleman makes square blocks of yak dung by the roadside then take a stroll into the village.



TOEBC D1 041Squares Of Yak Dung


Yak dung is everywhere as it is an important part of daily life here and is a main source for fuel and heat. In one area of the village we manage a nodding conversation with a local who has sheets of barley laid out to dry in the afternoon sun.



TOEBC D1 044As our drive continues another rest stop brings us to a significant point along our route.

We are now 5000 kilometers from Shanghai.





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