Sunday, July 28, 2013

Germany, Alexanderplatz



SAM DE D2 005After having breakfast filled with fruit at Bar Stop and getting a few deals at the Euroshop on Potsdamer, we arrive at Alexanderplatz.




We are here to get a close up look at what was and maybe still is the tallest structure in Germany.




CAN DE D2 001Fresehturm, Berlin


Located in what was formerly East Germany, Fresehturm stands at 1207 feet and you can visit it for a birds eye view of Berlin. However, seeing Berlin from this TV Tower point of view will cost you E$11.


CAN DE D2 007Our destination in Alexanderplatz will give us about the same view for about E$3.

Strolling towards the Park Inn, we enjoy all the activities and scenery in this very cool area of Berlin.






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