Sunday, July 14, 2013

El Salvador, If Everybody Had A Notion


Sharp streaks of bright white lights fills the night sky as my flight from Dallas makes its arrival descent into El Salvador.

It is summer time and awesome lighting shows along with evening thunderstorms and showers are just a part of visiting here this time of the year.

This is a midweek getaway to El Salvador primarily to attempt surfing in La Libertad with my son and to complete my goal of visiting all of the countries in Central America.


2013-06-11 00.25.02



Our evening is spent sampling Salvadorian cuisine like ribs with lime, avocado and tortilla slices along with a popular local drink “Michelada Nacional”.


2013-06-11 19.20.44This drink is sort of like a Bloody Mary but made with beer, tomato juice, chili and lime served in a salted rim glass without a celery stick.





Tomorrow we head to La Libertad to experience what many come here for. It been at least ten years since I have “Hang 10” and I doubt I still can. However, hanging with my son is what will make the challenge fun.



2013-06-11 15.00.59

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