Thursday, July 25, 2013

Germany, Hangin Near Hitler



DE D1 003We enter Germany and I have one regret, there are no signs along the highway like in the United States welcoming us to the land of great food, beer and the “Autobahn”.



A stop at a local McDonald's and we are surfing the web for E$4.95 (24hrs access) to find hotel rooms for the night. Our best choice is about 25km away and with the E$2 special of a Coke and a Caramel Sundae already enjoyed, we set off south on A33.

Leaving A33 we are pointed in the direction of Hitler but our final destination is in Bad Laer. Of course, we are curious about the historical connection to the area we will be hanging out in for the next twelve hours or so.


SAM JTT1 059At Landhaus Meyer we settle in for the evening and discover that we have by chance come across a quaint accommodation for the night.




From our first floor patio we enjoy the silence of a wide open night scenery as we count a few stars in the moon lit skies.




SAM JTT1 062Church In Bad Laer



Osnaburk Hotel 001A nice breakfast is served the following morning and we get to see more of what we think is a very unique property and then a little confusion occurs at check out.




Our reservation was made for Haus Monter Meyer which is located a few kilometers down the street.

On checking in the previous night, between us speaking no German besides “brats” and the wife of the gentleman checking us out speaking little English is where our problem began. However, a phone call to the other property and we are told it has all been taken care of and we are charged the same rate we had previously booked.


DE D1 002With our minor problem behind us we set off to continue our journey to Berlin but not before making a stop in the town of Hitler for road trip provisions.



At a local grocery store we spend about E$25 and feel like we got a bargain compared to spending E$32 just for lunch the day before.

Back on the road I do something I never do at home or have done nowhere else but in Germany, I put the pedal to the medal and watch my VW Polo accelerate to about 160km/h. I am figuring at this speed about 100mph we will be in Berlin in no time. No time at all.




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