Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tibet, Finally A Good Night Sleep



Tibet D2 015After a longer than expected time on the road, we finally arrive at a hotel were I could get a nice hot shower and a quiet night sleep.





Our next day starts off as normal with a plan to meet for breakfast around 8:30am. Although our stay is at a “4 Star” hotel, I am not thrilled with the breakfast except for the fresh fruits (which quickly run out) but something else impresses me.

All packed and ready to hit the road, we are met by a hotel staff member and individually presented with a “Khadah”. This is a ceremonial silk scarf used to welcome or bid farewell to travelers.

For me, this is a lot more meaningful and done with more thought than the ones we were casually given when we first arrived at the Lhasa train station.

Maybe, this is a sign that the trip for me will turn the corner and become more of what I was expecting it to be.




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