Friday, August 10, 2012

UK On A Mission, London 2012


LHRSAM 015About two hours after landing at London Heathrow, I arrive at my hotel, San Simeon, too early to check in.

However, I do receive some encouraging news.



I am told by the check-in clerk that everyday some guests have gotten up early to go to Olympic Park and have been lucky to get tickets to various venues.


LHRSAM 002With bags secured, it is back to “The Tube”. About 40 minutes later I am exiting Stratford Station like a cow going on a cattle drive.

However, I feel like I am in good company as I am sure there are a few other cows like myself looking to graze the same pasture.





LHRCAN 001The Olympic Park



The area around Olympic Park is a little more crowded than expected and that makes my mission a bit more challenging. I cruise through the Westfield Mall, up and down escalators, in and outside of doors, just looking at my dream destination but not being able to get there.

Where are the entrepreneurs that often makes this mission a breeze for me in other cities at similar venues?

With no luck so far, it's time to do some real grazing and I head to a grocery store located on the lower floor of the mall. A wide selection of nicely packaged sandwiches, salads along with other foods and my eyes begin to grow. This is before I get my normal British fix of scones, “biscuits” and chocolate covered “digestives”.

Turn outs this location is a favorite for those wanting an inexpensive meal with fine dining done on the floor just outside the main door. In chatting with another cement floor diner, I discover another tip to accomplishing my mission although I am missing the tools required to carry it out. However, this still lifts my spirits.


LHRCAN 018I rejoin the herd this time headed for Buckingham Palace. I am hoping for a possible afternoon tea sitting with Her Majesty.




Although the area around Buckingham is nicely decorated in Olympic flair, the palace itself retains it's sense of royalty as it “properly” should.



LHRCAN 020Buckingham Palace


Arriving at the Palace entrance, I quickly realize that the only way I am going to get in is if I can get the guard's attention to show him my collection of American tea's I have brought to share with Her Majesty. I can imagine nothing more royally pleasing than a tall Long Island Ice Tea on a hot afternoon like this or a nice cold glass of the Southern Sweet Tea.


LHRCAN 015Try as I might, I cannot even get the guard to blink. Like a Toy Soldier, he just looks at me with a blank stare.

Guess, I am going to have to drink my Long Island Ice Tea all by myself.




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