Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UK Jack The Ripper


Emerging from the bowels of “The Tube” at Tower Hill, my visit to London hits a wall and takes a serious turn. At 6:40pm, I am on the trail of a serial killer in the Whitechapel district of London.

It is the late 1800's and this impoverished area of London is under the grip of the worst and most brutal murderer the country has ever seen. Victims primarily prostitutes, had their throats slit twice and internal organs removed in what some believe was very similar to a Free Mason ritual.


LHRCAN 132One by one we visit the various murder scenes, from a church where prostitutes circled to pick up customers, to a pub where the media named “Jack The Ripper” and most of his victims drank, we recall the events of those terrible nights.





LHRSAM 055The Ten Bells A Jack The Ripper Pub


In all there were believed to be five victims and numerous suspects including a member of the Royal Family. One of the interesting aspects of the case was a writing found at one of the crime scenes which stated:

“The Juwes are the men that will not be blame for nothing”.

Surprisingly a policeman investigating the case erased this off the wall where it was found which in of itself was suspicious. His actions lead to an early retirement and it was later reveal that he was a Free Mason.


Untitled 0 00 00-01After what is believe to be the last victim of “Jack The Ripper” is killed, a local businessman receives a letter along with pieces of human tissues.



In the letter the writer states that it is part of the victim's kidney which he ate and found to be very tasty.



Untitled 0 00 00-08Last Believed Victim Of Jack The Ripper


Even today suspicion remains as to the true identity of “Jack The Ripper”. However, our investigation and sources tells us it was a Polish Jew that lived in Whitechapel. One Mr. Aaron Kosminski who was committed to an insane asylum in 1891 where he died several days later.



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