Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laos, A Mekong River Cruise


It is not even 8 am and we have already had an almost full day of activities. The only thing this morning that has officially been missing so far has been breakfast.


003For about US$4, two orders of fresh Laos crepes filled with fresh mango and bananas are served.

Enjoyed with a glass of fresh papaya juice and the most important meal of the day is complete.








A quick walk from our breakfast restaurant and we wait along a street with others to board boats for a cruise along the Mekong River. Following an airline type boarding process, we descend a steep hillside down to the Mekong Riverfront.


019With about ten passengers on board, we have first class seats as we set off down the Mekong River.







025Mekong River Boat Views


In the early morning sun, the views are visually stunning. It is as if we are traveling back in time across undeveloped lands. Areas along the river are sparsely populated and my mind wanders to a time when this land was untouched.


014In this area, on both sides of the river the landscape is covered with a thick rich green vegetation and in the distance towering weird shaped mountains touch the skies.




We are on our way to visit Buddha Caves but our first stop is at a local Mekong River village where we can get a free sampling of Lao whiskey.



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