Saturday, August 11, 2012

UK, BT London Live


The day takes an exciting turn as I can hear and feel the energy of The Olympic Games within touching distance.


LHRSAM 012Minutes later, I am entering the grounds of “BT London Live”.

BT London Live is a free venue located at Hyde Park that turns out to be a lot of fun.




With huge television screens at different locations broadcasting different Olympic events, it is almost the best of both worlds. I can enjoy more than one event at a time, with the excitement of different audiences, all for free while maybe a concert is going on in the background.



LHRSAM 011Mansfield University Marching Band From USA



Watching Men's then Women's Volleyball, I discover one important and fun thing that is missing when watching the games on an American network, the lively and entertaining British commentary. With references to school masters and words like “squared up” and “squeeze out”, just listening to the action turns out to be very entertaining.

A light rain begins to fall but it does not last too long and open umbrellas quickly fold. Although the day has been beautiful the evening air begins to take on a chill. Something I gather most of the locals prefer instead of the recent blast of summer heat. It is not too long a walk from Hyde Park to San Simeon Hotel and with nice weather I start a pleasant journey.



LHRSAM 021I am surprised to still find “Red Telephone” booths along the streets and decide to be a pretend customer. In the age of cellphones, I don't imagine they do a brisk business.

I do know one place in London that does well in business, Harrods.

Fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you look at it, they were in the process of closing for the evening as I make my brief visit.





LHRSAM 026I think I saved me-self a few quids with me impeccable timing.

However, I think Her Majesty may favor some American Red Cherries, that I might just spring 40 quids or so for a kilogram. If only I could get one or two of her guards to wink at me.


Now I have heard about a “hot head” and I have heard about “tooting your own horn” but I never imagined I would come across a hot head tooting his own horn.


LHRSAM 029However, just outside of Kensington South Underground, I do.







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