Friday, October 14, 2011

Denmark, In Search Of A Great Danish



NWA DC10 Schipol From Amsterdam Schipol Airport I am in within striking distance of discovering a Great Danish and jump at the opportunity.




After boarding an SAS flight, I touch down in the Danish Capital, Copenhagen in less than two hours.

The arrival process in most European airports is such a pleasant experience and Copenhagen is no exception. In less than twenty minutes I have cleared Immigration and Customs and I am standing at the Tourist Information booth.

With a tourist map and a cOPENhagen Card (229DKK, about US$43) which allows free admission to many attractions and free city transportation, I head for the fastest way from the airport to the City Center.  It is a beautiful late summer day as fresh scenery moves pass me at about forty miles an hour. I am onboard the Copenhagen Metro and faster than I imagined we arrive at the Central train station.

SamSep14 036 I am still getting my bearing in the city but must first accomplish an important task before I set out exploring.

I need accommodations for two nights.


Exiting the train station, a chill is in the air as the wind is howling down the streets. With temperatures in the low 60's, away from the shadow of the train station building, the warmth of the sun rays is welcoming.

At the Visitor's Center, I am disappointed to learn that there are just a few rooms left in the city because of a big biking event in town this weekend. The available rooms along with a booking fee seem overpriced and I leave the center in search of an Internet Cafe.

Twenty minutes later, I have secured my accommodations online at a relatively new hostel, Generator, for 150DKK per night about US$28 and without a booking fee.


SamSep14 037 I am now free to continue my search for a "Great Danish" with a few distractions and detours along the way.




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