Friday, October 14, 2011

Denmark, A Nice Welcome



SamSep14 039 Leaving an Internet Cafe, I set off on a walk to Generator Hostel, my bed for the night. Passing Tivoli which I plan to visit later in the day, I cross Town Hall Square and join Stroget Street.



The earlier winds have now been silenced and the air has warmed up from the afternoon sun. The weather could not be much better for an afternoon stroll as white whisper clouds look down from above on this vibrant city.

Stroget Street is said to be the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe. I have no doubt as it is lined with intriguing shops, restaurants and bakeries. The street is narrow in some areas then opens to small squares. Some squares with simple benches while others offer relaxing water fountains.



SamSep14 040 Colorful Copenhagen Side Street




In one area, I stop to enjoy a solo musician playing a violin. Combined with the beautiful surroundings, colorful buildings and Danes out enjoying the afternoon, it is an experience that I do not want to end.




SamSep14 042 The effects of jet lag is beginning to catch up with me and I press on to Generator Hostel.

There an early afternoon nap is welcomed.







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