Friday, October 28, 2011

South Africa, Arriving Johannesburg


It is a rough ride as we prepare to arrive at OR Tambo International Airport. We have been told that temperatures are in the 80's with the forecast for local heavy showers this evening. I think this is just a part of the local weather pattern here this time of the year.

Other than the bumps on arrival, my 14 hour and 42 minute flight from Atlanta was pleasant and uneventful. I am sure been able to sleep most of the way was helpful.

In planning my trip to South Africa, one of the things I considered was a side trip to Victoria Falls (Zambia) as a part of my self-drive experience. As the crow flies it is only about 800 miles from Johannesburg.

I have calculated that this would require about two days to complete one way. However, I am told by locals at the airport that it is at least 8 hours to reach the Zimbabwe border and then who knows how long from there. Also, the road conditions outside of South Africa can be questionable.

Apparently,the crows fly a little differently here.

Using that good bit of local intel like a CIA operative, I move onto my next option, a flight to Livingstone, Zambia.


017With just one flight available but not until tomorrow morning, I head to the City Lodge Hotel for the night.

Located on the airport property it is less than a ten minute walk from the terminal.





For about $100 I'll delay my self-drive a few days and be able to get a good night's sleep.

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